Saturday, October 29, 2005


Hard recruiting at Google

At Google, they seem to be really serious about recruiting. Some hardworking enthusiasts can sleep few hours a day, just because the recruiting is of the top importance.
From Christine Davis:
...i've been traveling like crazy lately, and sick before besides. :( i was sick through thursday (of last week), and then left monday to go recruiting on the east coast. that flight was the most, err, interesting flight i bet (hope!) i'll ever had. suffice it to say that my illness hadn't quite passed.
basically i was recruiting and interviewing from then until mid-day thursday afternoon. at which point we took a cab to t.f. green, and i flew to LAX, getting ready for more recruiting and interviewing on friday (yesterday). on thursday i was up for 21 hours if you adjust for time zones. yikes!

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