Monday, October 31, 2005


The last googler without the iPod

Shuman Ghosemajumder eventually got his own iPod. iPod Mini to be specific. As each and every iPodder he is very happy about his new device and praises Apple design over the design of any other gadget in the Universe.
..overall I was impressed and very happy with my new toy. And did I mention it looks great? I suspect this reason alone fuels the majority of iPod Mini sales. I’m amazed that Apple’s competitors can produce devices which are comparable or superior on nearly every engineering metric, but fall down flat when it comes to making something aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Has Apple hired all of the world’s best interface designers, leaving other high tech companies with the design sensibilities of 1970's auto manufacturers? Competing products from Sony and Creative resemble a cassette player and a Fisher Price toy respectively. And Dell's Digital Jukebox looks less like a competing product and more like an iPod storage container. Whatever their malfunction is, they need to rectify it soon, because Apple is rapidly becoming the only name in electronics that people associate with beautiful products.

I got my mini almost a year ago, and I haven't been able to let it out of my sight since. It soon become your best friend :).
By the way: I realized (with the help of e-mail discussion with Shuman), that the original post was a result of a Thunderbird bug. Somehow its RSS aggregator fetched a year old article and marked it as unread :)

It also explains why Shuman didn't say a word about the iPod Nano :)
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