Friday, November 11, 2005


Anti-Internet Explorer ads

Jason Shellen comments on the Explorer Destroyer - a small piece of javascript, that will earn you money by showing "Get Firefox" banners to the IE users only.

Jason also proposes his own "lighter" solution:
If you haven't seen ExplorerDestroyer yet, it's a site that offers some fancy ways to either encourage, push or insist that visitors to your site download Firefox. The code will not display a promo if you are already one of the Firefox enlightened and it's a good idea but perhaps a little heavier than I wanted for my own blog. Not to mention a bit violent sounding for people like me who just want to advocate a faster web experience.

If you are viewing this site in IE then you see the advert on the right urging you to give Firefox a whirl. I used a conditional comment called If IE to only display a Firefox enhanced with Google Toolbar promo box by pasting the below code into my blog template. Feel free to copy to your own blog. You may want to change the Adsense ad client id to your own (if you have one) so you get credited with the $1 bounty currently paid for helping folks switch over to Firefox. Enjoy.
<!--[if IE]>
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-2004576835187517";
google_ad_width = 125;
google_ad_height = 125;
google_ad_format = "125x125_as_rimg";
google_cpa_choice = "CAAQweaZzgEaCA2ZyYC_NXeAKK2293M";
<script type="text/javascript" src="">

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This is a great way to lose readers; not everyone likes firefox (I hate tabbed browsing). I like Opera and I have it set up to identify itself as IE 6 and if I see something like this so long.
I bet, the original point was that showing the banner just to non-Firefox users is better, than showing it to everybody.

And by the way money are paid for users switched TO Firefox, not FROM Explorer, so you probably qualify as an ad target :)
2:48 Anonymous: If you're using Opera, the [if IE] thing won't work. So don't worry about it.
Well, if Opera pretends being the IE, ad should be shown, shouldn't it?
Opera only "pretends" to be IE by having a user agent string that is similar to Internet Explorer's (and even when it's disguised this way, it's still very easy to detect Opera from the user agent string). The actual rendering behavior is much different than Internet Explorer, and only IE-based browsers recognize the IE comment rules.

As for those of you who don't like tabbed browsing... tough. Internet Explorer 7 will have tabbed browsing as well. You have to get used to tabbed browsing, but once you do, it really makes browsing more efficient, and even Microsoft sees that now.

Ask any standards-conscious web developer who has played with features that are supported by all major browsers except Internet Explorer, or any security buff who is familiar with the security history of the various web browsers, and they'll agree that Internet Explorer needs to be ditched faster than a maggot-infested granola bar. No, Firefox is not the best answer for everyone, but almost anything's better than IE and Firefox is the one with all of the momentum right now.
I really enjoy it when people compare IE's history (10 years, lots of exposure) against Mozilla (7 years, little exposure historically). Mozilla have had to face just as many if not more vulnerabilities during its development. The difference is, when Mozilla 1.0 had a flaw it was like announced like a cold in a small town. Whenever IE had a flaw, its like the bird flu pandemic
Whatever is the reason almost any IE flaw is times more dangerous that any Firefox'es and costs a lot more.

But don't worry, Firefox get more users and its flaws are slowly becoming the really dangerous ones.
why not use css and show a add to users using a css2 unaware browser? it's really simple. read the faux browser check. it's better than the if IE because it targets obsolete browsers. my 2 cents.
Smack, brilliant idea! At least till IE7

And anyway it's better toi check for non-Firefoxness, than for IE-ness :)
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