Friday, November 18, 2005


Blog buttons

Update: Buttons have been added.

Even though I started HTML and JavaScript programming in old good 1998, I am quite a new person to blogging and I am still learning the basic things here. Today is the day to simplify access to this blog. I am going to add graphical buttons to the sidebar column. I decided to have a short list of buttons: link to the feed, link to Bloglines subscription and to all the posts on the The buttons have been created with the help of the Brilliant Button Maker.

How do you like these buttons. Do they look standard enough to be understood in less, than 0.1 second? Or do you think there should be more buttons? Please, comment. I am a rookie blogger and the audience opinion is extremely important to me.

No Google Planet post is tagged on at the moment. I am going to tag some in an our. Updates will follow

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