Sunday, November 20, 2005


The cost of fun: Computer games are at least five times cheaper, than movies

Cedric analyzes how much money do different types of entertainment cost per hour.

Surprisingly computer games, especially MMORPGs are 5 to 15 times cheaper, than going to the movies. And it is the cost without taking into account the pop-cord an Coke! This analysis means, that Cedric spends a lot of time in the virtual worlds, but it also explains why computer games are that popular. They are just cheaper!

Or is there anything wrong? Should we take into account the cost of a gaming station? Some day, I will do the calculations for myself and will post them here.
What about you, what is the most costly entertainment in your life?

I must have spent easily that much in my first week of World of Warcraft. And probably just as much in all the weeks following, for a period of several months. Which led me to wonder about the cost of entertainment, and how each type compares to each other.

Here is a quick breakdown:

Name Upfront cost Cost per hour Explanation
World of Warcraft $50 + $15 / month = $185 18.5 cents per hour $185 / 1000
Quake IV $50 $1.02 per hour $50 / 40 hours
TV Show $30 per month (basic cable subscription) $2.70 per hour $30 / 12, assuming you watch 3 series, each showing 4 episodes per month
Movie (rental) $5 $1.7 per hour $5 / 3 hours (movie + extras)
Movie (theater) $10 $5 per hour $10 / 2 hours

Of course, there are plenty of other activities we could add, such as sport (mostly free: basket, volleyball, etc... and not so free: golf, scuba diving, horse riding. etc...) and other ways to pass the time (hiking, walking, running, reading, etc...).

...the general idea is this: World of Warcraft, and massively online games in general, have often been chastised for not only the monthly fee they charge but also for charging for the game in the first place. In light of these numbers, one might actually wonder why they don't charge more...

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