Friday, November 25, 2005


Donate to the warped sayings collection

Everybody has his own ways of entertaining himself. Some people prefere collecting of the warped phrases. If you like the idea, take part in creating the warped phrases dictionary.

I like saying something slightly different from what people ordinarily expect and seeing if they notice the difference. A sort-of example is when, as a kid, I asked my mother if chocolate milk came from brown chickens, and she replied, no, they come from regular chickens.

Here are some sayings from my (nominally) adult household:

  • Cleaner than a baby's bottom
  • I feel like a needle between two haystacks.
  • More fun than a bowel full of monkeys

I welcome additions.

Original post byEllen Spertus

I can't tell if your use of "earped" is a typo or a clever warping of "warped".
So, that's how some warped phrases are formed :)
It was a typo. Thank you, for the correction.

I saw, that people started submitting their phrases on your site. Good luck with the collection! It looks like a very interesting one. I hope that at some point I'll recall something linguistically warped and submit it to the collection :)
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