Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Googlers against republicans

Google is all about individuals, isn't it? It looks like dislike for the big corporations is built into Googlers. And of course they don't consider Google being a usual corporation. Even republican googlers are against the backbone of the republicans - against the big companies and their ideas
Consider two groups of people, both of whom call themselves "conservatives." One is the Republicans of Bush, Frist, DeLay, Enron, and the oil companies. They believe that unregulated business and low taxes are the cures for all ills. They also claim to believe in small government, but they really believe in big government that gives subsidies, handouts, and favors to their friends.

The second group are true believers in the tenets of conservatism written over the last 30 years. At the risk of mischaracterizing their beliefs, these people want to restore life as it was in the 50s. They long for the days when families were strong and communities were close-knit, when crime was low and the economy was such that two parents didn't have to work.

I can respect the second group. I can't respect the first. Fortunately, the second group can't respect the first, either. And the Republicans I respect are generally in the second group. More than that, I agree with many of their core principles, if not their end policy goals. They and I part company on social issues, like choice and same-sex marriage - I don't think abortions or gays have anything to do with the decline of America's communities - and it's easy to forget that life back then was completely different for the poor and minorities.

For the Bush crowd, the privatization of the public space is great. It makes it easier for a small oligopoly to hold power and increases the dependence of the American people on consumerism to fill the void in their lives. Runaway copyright, too, is about privatizing the public spaces, in this case creative spaces, to the same detrimental effect. Whether in art or physical layout, it's not good for America.
Original post by David Alpert

For the record, I know Republican Googlers. There are also a lot of libertarians around (not only at Google, but in Silicon Valley in general). Full disclosure: Doctor Awesome is a registered Democrat.
For non-US residents it is not that easy to "feel" what it means to be a republican or democrat. I believe that supporting or fighting with some idea like (anti)globalization tells much more about what the person actually thinks.

Doctor Awesom, is it so, that quite frequently "being" republican or democrat is just inherited from parents while individual's own thoughts can be opposite?
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