Friday, November 25, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving and now a word from our sponsor...

As a consumer product web is still a very new thing. At least in its size category. And while it maturizes, it becomes more and more like the usual consumerist junk. Is it bad? Not really - after all I really prefer buying things on the web. Web is so big, that you can see it from whatever perspective you like. If only consumerist perpective wouldn't push itself (via spam) in the every other place..
I remember a few years ago around Christmas or during the Superbowl when a url was presented under a TV ad, almost beaming with pride that someone was using the internet as a way to publish and get the word out about their product. Today as I sit watching some Turkey day television most advertisements have some web component. I have collected for your browsing pleasure five such sites pulled from their cathode ray tube endorsements. I almost feel bad for Tim Berners-Lee. On with the show:
  • a Black and Decker mini-site promoting can-openers and whatnot.
  • the best place to pick up that Brian Setzer X-Mas CD you've been longing for.
  • c'mon you lazy lump buy a Bowflex to put next to your Ab machine.
  • for people who like their clothes vacuum pack fresh.
  • for people who buy beds based on the Bionic Woman's recommendation
Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday everyone!
Original post by Jason Shellen

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