Monday, November 28, 2005


How Google hunts for people

It is not that easy to become a googler, but if Google is interested in you, they will do really a lot to get you. Even invite your wife to the Googleplex.
Of all the random shit that has affected my life surely none has had more impact than the fact that Google would not take no for an answer. They asked if they could fly me up again to try to change my mind. And they wanted me to bring my wife along as well. Well, heck, a free dinner for two, how could I turn that down?

The person assigned to win me over was Urs Hoelzle, at the time VP of Engineering. Three things impressed me about him. First, he told a really good story about how Google was planning to make money (one that turned out to be pretty much right on the money, so to speak). Second, his technical background was in programming languges, which was a big plus for me for reasons that I will explain shortly. And third, he had a really huge dog that he brought to work with him. (Yoshka, the Leonberger, has since become the stuff of legend.)

(Another interesting bit of trivia about Urs: he always wore red socks. Something to do with him being Swiss, I believe, but I never fully grokked it.)
Original post by the ex-googler Ron Garret

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