Wednesday, November 23, 2005


How googlers can be times more productive, than the average engineers

Most of the readers of these blog are probably aware, that best software engineers, programmers , analysts, testers (and the best means such as are hired by Google) are by the order of magnitude more productive, than the average person. Piaw Na presents an intersting evidence, that this fact is not unique to the software development industry, that in every field there is this kind of professionals.

I personally believe that so big difference in prodactivity is possible, because our brain is not a fixed structure, it evolves during the lifetime. If you (and your parents) helped it to evolve well, the results will be similar to fine-tuning the car from fifties to make it as fast as today's Ferraris :)
Watching the Chosen Collection, I come across a segment where Joss Whedon is talking to the other writers on the show...

Writer 1: "Then Joss told me that he was writing a musical. I asked him, so who's writing the music! He said, I'm doing it! My response: yes, we know you're going to write the lyrics, but who's going to write the music? He said, I am! I'm teaching myself to play to piano, and I'm going to write the music."

Writer 2: "So he shows up after his vacation and gives us the manuscript and a CD. We grabbed it, assigned roles to each other, and read through the script. Every time we hit a song, we'd push play on the CD. After it was over I wanted to go back to my office and burn the place down. This was what he did in his down-time!"

Most of us know that the best software engineers are more than 300 times more productive than the median software engineer (in any organization). But we don't frequently stop to think that this applies across all creative/technical professions! It just boggles my mind that someone could teach himself to play the piano (in his downtime) just to write a musical, and then compose music. I am in awe. Piano lessons for me were incredibly painful, and I can't imagine being able to pick it up like that.
Original post by Piaw Na

Boy, you have a high opinion of yourself. No evidence has been provided, in fact, you are probably a snot nosed computer science graduate who as yet has (comparatively speaking) only just reecently learnt to tie his own shoe-laces.

I think it was Socrates who said "The wisest person knows he knows nothing"

By th same token...

He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know. Lao-tzu, The Way of

or alternatively ...
Thomas Jefferson "He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind
is filled with falsehoods and errors." (Probably why Google hired you!)

Maybe I should clarify a situation, by stating, that I am not working for Google. Nor I am going to work there in the close future (at least because they don't have RnD's neither in my home country, not in my current country of residence).

Yes, I am quite excited of what I've heard about Google working conditions, HR policy and engineers themselves. Still I am not anyhow affilated with Google. I hope it makes my excitement more.. polite? :)
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