Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Journals googlers read

Matt Cutts a Google SEO specialist tells which IT -related journals he reads. Looks like he prefers the European Linux editions.

Lately I’ve been playing with magazine subscriptions. There’s stuff like Maximum PC, CPU, and Wired, and I’ve also enjoyed Make, the new magazine/book from O’Reilly. But the most fun to read lately are Linux magazines. For some reason, I don’t enjoy the U.S. magazines (Linux Journal and Linux Magazine) quite as much, although they’re quite good. My favorite are the magazines from Europe, which often come with a DVD or CD. They’re just a lot of fun. They range from sassy to opinionated as all hell, and have great features like “software projects on the move” or descriptions of Linux kernel controversies. I’ve subscribed to Linux Pro magazine, Linux Format, and just recently I added Linux User and Developer. Highly recommended.

One magazine has an article on building your own Linux distro. You want to get links? Making your own Linux distribution is a great way to get links. :)

Original post by Matt Cutts

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