Thursday, November 17, 2005


Matt Cutts at PubCon

Matt Cutts reports on the WebmasterWorld Pubcon

I’m here at WebmasterWorld Pubcon. Jumbled bunch of thoughts so far:

  • The timing worked out to announce a new webmaster console on Google Sitemaps. I signed up today and it’s pretty sweet. For example, you can now see crawl errors, timeouts on pages, robots.txt errors, unreachable urls, etc. Just really useful hard data that tells you if you have crawl problems and what they are. And you do not need a sitemap to use this functionality. You just create an empty file to verify that you own the domain. Check it out.
  • Yahoo! knows how to throw a party. They threw a fun shindig at Pure last night with good food and free drinks. I stuck to Sprite, but several webmasters were drinking with both hands.
  • Lots of people liked the price of Google Analytics (free). More to post on Analytics later.
  • I finally got to hear Jeremy Zawodny speak (we always seem to be on different panels at the same time). He’s making hundreds of dollars a month from AdSense, and he hasn’t gotten around to using YPN yet. He’s said he’s gotten a “talking to” three times over the last three years. I haven’t gotten a “talking to” from my company yet, and would prefer not to.
  • The conference went pretty smoothly, or at least the talks I was on. The coffee talk Q&A was full of juicy questions that I’ll try to recap later. Lots of people have said hello today, which is nice. I’ll be at pubcon tomorrow, so please come up and say hi if you see me.

I’m heading downstairs to the hotel lobby to hang with webmasters for a few hours; catcha later..

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