Sunday, November 27, 2005


Where AdWords name came from

If you ever wondered how they invented AdWords brand name at Google, Doug Edwards shares his memories about the process
Speaking of Google advertising, the branding of the program in 2000 was an interesting challenge. We debated a number of names, with "BuyWords" and "AdsDirect" rising to the top among a list that included "PrestoAds" and "AdsToo." The keyword-targeting concept was still relatively new and we wanted a name that would give people some idea of how it worked.

As the email debated waged on, I threw out "AdWords," as a compromise. It seemed to meet the requirements and, as I pointed out to the ads team, it had a comforting familiarity about it. "AdWords." "Edwards." Hmmm...

We checked with the owner of the BuyWords domain and he wouldn't sell and we agreed that AdsDirect was too much like direct mail. So, AdWords it was.

And that's how my name came to be enshrined in Google's revenue stream.Original
Original post by ex-googler Doug Edwards

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