Saturday, November 26, 2005


Xooglers stand for ex-Googlers

Matt Cutts points out a blog by the ex-googler and not just an ordinary googler. It is a blog by Doug Edwards, Director of Consumer Marketing and Brand Management for Google from 1999 to 2005. That guy decided to go the Google way in writing a book about his experience. To me it looks like he is trying to gather the ex-googlers' thoughts in a blog. I am posting the most interesting (to me) thoughts of the current google employees. It is a great idea to have an opinion also of those, who quit. I am going to watch for Xooglers and report the most interesting (again to me) stuff here.
While you’re waiting for me to get my posting gusto back, check out Xooglers. It’s a blog that Doug Edwards started to reminisce about his experiences at Google (other ex-Googlers may join in at some point). Doug’s a great guy and he helped shape Google culture in many ways. If you’ve read the copy on the spam report page, you’ve seen some of his polishing work.
Original post by MattCutts.

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