Thursday, November 17, 2005


Yahoo! customer service. Quite poor

David Krane criticizes the Yahoo customer service. About 6 months ago I also had a problem with their customer service. I was confused about the conditions of the extending one of my domains - the bill came from Yahoo subcontractor, not from Yahoo itself. It was rather difficult to discuss situation by e-mail. However, I was lucky to solve the problem after.. a couple of phone calls. That's too complex to just confirm, that it was ok to tell the credit card details to their subcontractors.
This site has been dark for a number of days. Most of you that have stopped by recently were likely greeted with this image, and not my mug. Details to follow in a longer was yet another exasperating experience dealing with Yahoo! customer service. Thankfully, service has been restored...but not without ~ 10 e-mails, and 2+ hours on the phone (with lots of hold time). Thanks to Lisa for digging up a support phone #...otherwise, I'd still likely be down. More soon...
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