Friday, December 09, 2005


Random things about the first month at Google

Doug Edwards posts about things he remembers about his first month at Google
“Wow. That’s a really cool roller coaster. How many sets of K’Nex did you have to use to make that?”

“No. I’ve never made cappuccino before. How does it work?”

“Um, is it okay that all these bikes are blocking the fire exit?”

“Okay, so there are eight shelves full of HTML and Linux reference books. Where do we keep the dictionary and thesaurus? Yeah, I know I can find stuff online, but I’d still like a hard copy. No, I can’t just print out the words when I look them up.”

“Hi Larry. Hi Sergey. What happened to your office? Well, it’s just… uh, nothing. Hey, which one of these remotes works with the VW Beetle? No, that other one. There, under the couch between your hockey jersey and the LEGO Mindstorms...”

“So… you really notice a difference when you build your own rollerblade wheels like that?”

“Oh sorry. Didn’t realize anyone was napping in here.”

“They’re laying the carpet tomorrow? I kinda like it open and industrial like this. Cubicles? You really think we’ll need that many workplaces?”

“See, you can knock down more of the garbage cans if you bounce the ball instead of just rolling it straight at them.”

“How long does it take the sauna to get hot? You think it’s okay to go in the women’s locker room to get some towels since we’re out in here?
Original post by ex-googler Doug Edwards

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