Sunday, December 11, 2005


Sometimes Internet evolution is too fast even for Googlers

Social networks is one of the "new things people talk about". I know several friends just 5-10 years younger who actively use those and for about two or three years already I am going to try it. Well, I was going. Eventually I decided not to try things I don't really need unless I anticipate some fun or I need it for work. I guess Nelson Minar "was also going to try" these social networks and stopped at the similar point :)
I just went to myspace for the first time. I've still never been to facebook. I don't know anyone who has pages on either site. I normally pride myself on being hip to Internet culture, but I think the lowest on the age curve I go is LiveJournal. I wonder what the natural generational groupings on the Internet are? I naïvely thought there wouldn't be any, but of course the net is all about community and culture and, therefore, generation.
Original post by Nelson Minar

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