Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Who authorizes software? Not you

Nelson Minar thinks of XBox 360 as of a the first step in the new definition of "trust" or more exactly "trusted computing". Computer programs are supposed to be safer, but you have no control on the one who decides what is safe and what's not. I wonder what is the Google position on certifying every program a user can get.
The Xbox 360 is a dry run for "Trusted Computing". The new console has a slew of anti-modder technology to make it impossible to run unauthorized software. Who authorizes Xbox 360 software? Microsoft.

Intel, Microsoft, IBM, etc are colluding to bring the same sort of technology to PCs to prevent you from unauthorized software. Who authorizes software? Not you.

It's a sure bet "Trusted Computing" is going to bring us a new level of digital rights management hell. Sony won't have to do something stupid to stop you from legally copying music; the operating system and processor will do it for them. Your monitor will collaborate. Dell is about to ship LCDs with HDCP so that your screen won't display unauthorized video. Who authorizes video? Not you.
Original post by Nelson Minar

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